Presentations for nonprofits

Haiku Deck makes presentations fast, easy, and beautiful. That's why tens of thousands of nonprofits use it to fundraise, train and reach out to their communities. 

Create stunning presentations quickly and easily

You add the big ideas and key elements of your story; Haiku Deck helps you find beautiful images that powerfully reinforce your points. 

Professionally-designed layouts and themes make everything look great on the first try. 

"It's a really simple straight forward tool that forces you to focus on concepts and big ideas as a way of getting your ideas across. It's simple and you can use it on all of the devices that you have, that you can take with you anywhere."

- Jim M., Director of Planning and Situation Awareness of the Chicago Red Cross

"As much as the general public thinks that fundraising is about money, it isn’t. Fundraising is really about building relationships and sharing stories. And stories are more powerful if they are visual! Haiku Deck gives organizations an easy tool to tell their story in pictures…in fact, I like that Haiku Deck practically forces you to think visually!"

- Alice F., Founder of GoalBusters, a consultancy that helps small to mid-size nonprofits

"Outstanding photo search, selection, and recognition: the process of selecting Creative Commons licensed photos was easy and fun, and the selections it recommended were excellent without having to wade through hundreds of pictures. The photo-based slides look sleek, clean, and modern. Extremely easy to use: I made a demo deck in the car!"  

- Susan K., American Evaluation Association

Your Very Own Presentation Expert Is Built In

From slides loaded up with text, to horrible formatting and tired clip art, most traditional presentations are a dreadful mess. 

We built Haiku Deck to deliver powerful slides that make your presentations engaging and memorable. Click to see how nonprofits use Haiku Deck.

Deliver Impactful Stories

Haiku Decks are fast to create and easy to share in your social media feed, embedded in your blog, or in-person.

Connect through Powerful Images

Haiku Deck's image-first style helps you forge a memorable, emotional connection with donors, volunteers, and trainees in a way that traditional bullet points can't.  

Works Anytime, Anywhere 

Haiku Deck subscriptions work across iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, and web browsers.

Discover and remix presentation templates created by nonprofits like you

Want to use Haiku Deck with your nonprofit? 

Haiku Deck makes it easy and affordable to create presentations. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you are eligible for a 50% discount with your Haiku Deck Pro subscription.

Haiku Deck Pro subscribers get the most powerful tools for creating presentations

Unlimited presentation creation

Access to 40M+ royalty-free images

Dozens of professionally designed themes and layouts

Works across computer, iPad, and iPhone 

Advanced privacy control

Download presentations for offline printing, sharing, and editing

Haiku Deck Zuru for creating presentations automatically using artificial intelligence

Built-in bar, pie, and stat charts for presenting data

Search for and embed YouTube videos into your presentation

Your inspiring story deserves an inspiring presentation