Students Are Passionate About Learning

The Haiku Deck team visited a fifth-grade classroom in Bettendorf, Iowa, to see our app in action. The results were extraordinary. The students were focused and excited to learn. Teachers remarked on the engaging, user-friendly features of the tool, which make creating beautiful presentations fun and easy.  

Beth Campbell, Technology Coach for the Pleasant Valley Community School District, shared how a classroom can benefit from the app: "Haiku Deck will change the way your teachers teach. It will elevate visual thinking, critical thinking, and the way your students are able to communicate their voice and ideas.”

With convenient access to millions of stunning royalty-free and attributed images, Haiku Deck instructs students in good digital citizenship. They can embed video, create professionally designed themes and layouts, and customize text and color. “What I like about Haiku Deck is how organized it is and how easy it is to get to pictures and videos,” expressed one fifth grader.

Pleasant View Elementary School fifth-grade teacher and long-time user of Haiku Deck, Laura Wilga, observed how the tool helped students become better presenters, empowering them to share their stories: “I really think that I’ve taken my kids to another level. It has pushed their thinking deeper and has made it to where they are passionate about what they are doing.”  

Google Chrome sign-in and Google Classroom are integrated with Haiku Deck, making it convenient for educators to create emails, import users, view rosters, and share decks. Sharing is effortless as the app works across multiple devices and allows users to present remotely. “Haiku Deck is a super-simple solution. In about 15 minutes or less we can have teachers up and going, classes ready to go, actually creating,” explained Campbell. And with advanced privacy control, teachers can manage, review, and evaluate student-submitted presentations with ease.  

Want to use Haiku Deck with your students? 

Haiku Deck Classroom makes it easy and affordable with a classroom management dashboard, course galleries for reviewing presentations, sharing with LMS systems, and optional Google Classroom integration.

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Enhances Learning 

Encourages best presentation practices by helping students simplify their message and present data clearly. The app is easy to learn and fun to use. 

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Promotes Digital Citizenship 

Haiku Deck provides access to over 40 million Creative Commons licensed images and automatically imports attribution.

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Works Anytime, Anywhere 

Haiku Deck subscriptions work across hand-held devices, Chromebooks, and web browsers.

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With over a million students and teachers using Haiku Deck from Kindergarten to University and for virtually every subject matter, here's our guide to help you get started quickly. The Haiku Deck Teachers' Guide includes sample student presentations, information about education blogging with Haiku Deck, tips for using Haiku Deck in the classroom, as well as ways educators use Haiku Deck for professional development, internal communications, community outreach, and special events. Click to read the guide.

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