Haiku Deck Classroom

From primary to higher-ed, over 21,000 schools use Haiku Deck for teaching visual storytelling, presentation best-practices, for inspiring creativity, and delivering memorable lessons.  

The easiest, most affordable way to bring the best presentation tools to your school

Your entire class gets advanced privacy, download, YouTube embeds, presentation audio, and save-to-video.

Teachers get Haiku Deck Pro, a dashboard for easily provisioning students, and Live Presentation Mode for broadcasting presentations to the class.

Just $99/year for one teacher and 150 students. Add as many students as you need! 

Want Haiku Deck for your entire department, school, or district? 

Why Do Educators Use Haiku Deck in Class? 

Enhances Learning 

Haiku Deck Classroom encourages best presentation practices by helping students simplify their message, find powerful imagery to reinfoce their ideas, and present data clearly. The app is easy to learn and fun to use.  

Promotes Digital Citizenship 

Haiku Deck Classroom provides access to over 40 million Creative Commons licensed images, and automatically imports license attribution with the photos.

Works Anytime, Anywhere 

Haiku Deck subscriptions work across iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, and web browsers. Presentations look great on any screen.

Designed to be fast, easy, and affordable.

Unlimited Creation

  • Access to 40M+ royalty-free Creative Commons images 
  • Advanced privacy features 
  • Printable Haiku Deck .pdfs 
  • Beautiful .pptx exports for offline viewing 
  • Ability to embed YouTube videos in presentations 

Integrates with Google Classroom

  • New Google sign-in 
  • Import students from Google Classroom 
  • Share decks to Google Classroom 

Classroom Gallery

  • View Student Work
  • Share amongst classes and via third party LMS

Present Live on Multiple Screens

  • Live Presentation mode lets teachers control presentation playback on other screens from their browser 
  • Keeps your class in sync on their individual devices as slides advance 
  • Works with any connected device 
  • Great for presenting from across the room or across world

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