Beautiful Presentations for Real Estate Professionals

Tens of thousands in Real Estate use Haiku Deck to quickly create stunning presentations for winning clients and closing more deals. Use it on the Web, iPad, or iPhone. No complicated technology or expensive graphic designer required.

Professional presentations in an instant

You add the ideas and key elements of your pitch. Haiku Deck makes it a snap to use your own photos or find new ones. Professionally-designed layouts and themes make everything look great on the first try. 

What Real Estate Professionals Are Saying

"The visual impact transformed my presentation... It took me minutes to put together on Haiku Deck what I had tried to do for hours. " 

- John James, Broker/REALTOR®, Coldwell Banker 

“I’m in love. Totally smitten. I tell everyone I meet about the app. Simply put, Haiku Deck has quickly become my favorite…” 

- Chris Smith, Inman Next 

“...We actually won a real estate listing due in part to our use of Haiku Deck!" 

- Stephanie Lanier, Broker/REALTOR®, Lanier Property Group 

Create the ultimate listing presentation in seconds!

You've got a great story to tell. 

Let's face it, most presentations are uninispiring and ugly and who has time to wrestle with technology? Haiku Deck presentations help you build a rapport with your client, explain your value, and develop the trust required to win listings. 

Click here to view the template, then click copy button to customize and make it your own!

Presentations that Sell. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Market properties with compelling Haiku Deck presentations for sharing on any device, via social media, and embedded in a web site or blog. You'll save time and money and your clients will think you hired a graphic designer.

Click here to view the template, then click the copy to customize and make it your own!

Haiku Deck Makes it Fast and Easy to Look Like a Pro


Visuals are the key to great presentations. Instantly add yours from the web, iPad or iPhone or choose from 40M images in the app.


Add text, simple pie, bar, or stat charts and apply a professionally designed theme.


Share on any size screen, through email, embed in your blog, or instantly post to Facebook and Twitter.

Explore Featured Real Estate Presentation Templates

"Ace your listing presentations with Haiku Deck"


You're too busy to be struggling with complicated software. Haiku Deck's simple interface is made for non-technical users with no design skills. This leaves more time for selling, less time struggling with software.


Whether you're at your desk, visiting a client, or waiting for guests to arrive at an open house, Haiku Decks can be created anytime, anywhere. Share decks to any device knowing that they'll look amazing on any size screen. 


If you're not a graphic designer, you know the pain of trying to make your presentations look great. With Haiku Deck, the presentation designs itself. No fiddling with menus or struggling to align text.

Pre-Inspect Your Presentation

Haiku Deck puts visuals first so you look your best 

We live in a world where beautiful images and professional design matter more than ever. Do you really want to use tired PowerPoint templates, sloppy layouts, and ugly fonts in your presentations?  

 Haiku Deck shows that you understand the importance of beautiful photographs and professional design. They're easy to share online and they look great. 

Thousands of real estate professionals use Haiku Deck to win clients and close deals. 

Isn't it time that you joined them?